Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hey everyone! Get to know your duckbills and ceratops!

"This I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. This is what I am and what I am about. I can understand why a system built on a pattern must try to destroy the free mind, for that is one thing which can by inspection destroy such a system. Surely I can understand this, and I hate it and I will fight against it to preserve the one thing that separates us from the uncreative beasts. If the glory can be killed, we are lost." --John Steinbeck

Friday, November 18, 2005

Howdy y'all! Here's hoping that your week went gravier than gravy without a single turtle head to poke out! I myself am doing all that and a hamper fulla monkey paws even in the face of Alina tagging me again. Well, I may be tagged, but at least I don't cry whenever I smell limestone. Anymore. So here's my "design-a-goil." Meet Hai Minh--part of a kabuki villain team I'm developing for the A-Go-Go. I was gonna put off posting her until I was finished with the whole group, but being tagged has forced me to serve her out as a spoiler. Sorry folks, but that's just following the proper protocol according to The International Rulebook of Blogtag. This one's outta my hands.
As far as my other rippling pictorials go, when things are slow at work I doodle what's been dubbed as "trading cards" on our blank appointment tabs. These are obviously a few of sed cards. I wish I could elaborate here but....
...hey look! A new paragraph! Whoo, I got outta that cucumber nicely. And while I'm changing the subject, here's the latest Inspiration Down!:

Beavis & Butt-head: The Mike Judge Collection Disc 3--nothing against the cartoons themselves, but laff for laff Disc 3 is where this collection's AT!--from 11 music videos to VMA appearances to quite possibly the funniest Thanksgiving special TV has ever snowed into reception, I once drank a pint of pure gasoline and did NOT enjoy it!

Ducktales Vol. 1--Plot holes, cliched catchphrases, and absurdisms aside (Huey disarming a torpedo with a marble, anyone?), I still thinks this cartoon stands as the greatest adventure show and next to the Genie, Scrooge McDuck stands as my favorite Disney character; he has the moral values to always put family first like Alan Thicke, but is greedy and underhanded enuf that he enjoys fighting dirty like Indiana Jones. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Home Movies Season 3, Disc 2--Featurette Man With Afro Jogging (self-explanatory) and The Making of Man Shooting .22 Caliber Rifle which shows why David Cross is funnier with one sentence than most comedians are with a whole routine!

Word to your uncles!

"We rarely know where we're going: writing is discovery." --Robert McKee

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Have I REALLY not posted since Halloween? Ben Kingsley's Junior does time fly when you're studying the parallels of camels and bottled ham (and just where DOES all that water go?) not to mention finding out the hard way that no matter how many morays you bury in your backyard, it is physically impossible to grow an "eel tree." I even got so desperate for it to work that I Scotch-taped a bunch of dead eels to the branches of a sycamore (marking the eighth time that I've ever taped seafood to a tree) but before I had a chance to even show anyone my cheated scientific breakthru, coyotes had, well, I don't really wanna talk about this anymore.
So I went down to San Diego this weekend to visit my family, and for whatever rizneazon, whenever I go down there, I'm jerked into the unshakable urge to draw from magazines, the TV, and photographs. So here's a bunch of sketches from last weekend including my mediocre first attempt at Stephen Colbert (my once and future king), a Gentleman, Rorschach, John Krasinsky, my good friend Eren Blanquet, and The Gute and his Mrs. dressed as a karate kid and a geisha, respectively.
And while I'm mentioning Stephen Colbert, I just wanna emphasize that The Colbert Report is the most scrumptilescent show on television today! Granted, praise Peter for Arrested Development, My Name Is Earl, The Office, and South Park, but Colbert is the only one out of all these shows that consistently radiates hilarity not just one night a week, BUT FOUR! And dare I say it, along with a few other airwave factors of course, the man is causing me to actually have faith in TV again. He has stood as one of America's great satirists since his stint on The Dana Carvey Show, and he remains the master to this day with his deft delivery, proverbial punchlines, and swell segments such as "Worthy Opponent" (where he debates himself on the issues of today) and The Threat List (where he insists we should fear bears more than terrorists and hurricanes). Go to hell Daily Show, and try to pick up some gravitas while you're there!

"While memory gives us whole chunks of life, imagination takes fragments, slivers of dream, and chips of experience that seem unrelated, then seeks their hidden connections and merges them into a whole." --Robert McKee