Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shade & Jangles--all Nevarez style!!!!!
Who are these handsome devils?
Osgood & Gute--we're smiling!

The booth.
The glorious merchandise!

Maquette by Amber Dempsey & Vegas lamp by Frys!
Osgood & his lovely colorist Eren Blanquet!
My hero Mike Daley shocking his 8 on!

Big A representin' The Chuuch, 8-style!
A Tasteful Shot of Hard 8 HQ!
We're friends. And we're laughing!!!!
The Cal State Fullerton Family Reunion
No, but seriously, I keed.
Fawk the fire marshall!!!!!! FAWK HEEEEM!!!!!!

Chris Tallman, humble Osgood, and the Oswald!
Gotta catch 'em all!
Casual. Sophisticated. Hard 8.
Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust, & Eduardo of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fame!
MARSHALL (Vandruff!)
Matt Groening just drinking it in!
Patton Oswald doing what he does best--product placement!
Oh readers, can you believe that I've been writing this blog and you've been reading it for over a year now? What's that? You haven't been reading it at all?! Oh yeah, well you smell like a loaded diaper, you diaperface! To quote George Takei, "Oh my!" And howdy-hi--that rhymed! I'm a Voltaire and not aware, except now that I am aware, (insert ending to sentence here).
I really wish that I had a good excuse for not posting all month. I really do. Like I spent my August doing something exciting like percolating enchiladas or that I was trampled by a clown navel or even that I grew teeth for eyes and eyes for teeth, but alas, I've done nothing but draw and catch up on my Simpsons Season 8 DVD (which, incidentally, should be the end of everyone's Simpsons DVD collection). And that's why this post is so post-funkly overdue:
COMIC CON 2006!!!!!!!
Ignore all those other recaps that were posted by other blogs the week after the event, here at WDW, I like you to forget what's all that and then sucker-elbow you to the memory and have all the good times flood back into your head like cream cheese down a slip-n-slide!
Altho my con hilite was the awesomely original sketch from the-greatest-artist-and-sweetest-guy-alive John Nevarez (see very above) of my characters Shade & Mr. Jangles (see fairly below), it was funner than Suzanne Sommers to have our virgin venture in publishing--Hard 8--be more than a modest success--we sold somewhere in the polo field of 150 books (with more selling by the day these days--notice the not-at-all subtle "Purchase Hard 8 Volume 1" Add to Cart Paypal link below my list of links? Yeah!), intrigued the interest of multiple development scouts including the good bro-hams at Jerry Bruckheimer, MTV, and Paramount, plus we got the attention of such titans as Matt Groening, Craig McCracken, and Patton Oswald, respectively famous for The Simpsons, The Powerpuff Girls, and Patton Oswald! It was a week fulla waffles, friends, family, and nerd after stinky nerd! Hope you enjoy the pictures (courtesy of The Gute, The Big Toon, & Garrett Shikuma!)
"The least you owe an audience is the best you can do." --Chuck Jones

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In honor of Comic Con this week, I just wanted to say--You stay classy, San Diego!

Hope to ya see at booth 1032, otherwise I'll talk to ya kids next week!

"We are cynical. Cynical with reason. But cynical with hope." --Jim Carrey

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oklay readmasters fresh, if there's anything you NEED to remember for the next week, it's the number 1032. To ensure that you don't forget it, read the following thrice a day: 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032 1032. The significance of this oh so pretty number, you query? Well, Chitlins McGree, 1032 just so happens to be our (and by "our" I mean all the names you see in that second picture) booth number at the world-sassy San Diego Comic Con where, amongst other ginchy goods, you can (nay, will!) purchase the gallantly gorgeous new anthology book Hard 8! So stop by and tell 'em Osgood sentchya! Word to yo mothahs! 1032.

"The ocean doesn't care." --Chuck Jones

Monday, July 10, 2006

Sooooooo how are you adorable blog-going bastards you doing today? Fantastic! How am I? Well thank you for asking (or more accurately thank me for asking for you. So thank you Matt. Oh you're quite welcome my lad--how're the kids? Funny you should ask--Finster adores the metric system and Hortence is celibate--you know, small hands, smells like cabbagood gawsh no the multiple personalities have returned. Oh well. I guess it's suicide again for me. But which personality should I kill off today? Ooh! How about the Skipper! Then I can stop wearing that dumb hat, pipe, and blazer combo. Okay, so let me just attach this thumbtack to this q-tip, insert, and ho ho! No more marina galas for me! Ow. How come every time I lose a personality I also lose the hearing in one ear? Bluh.)

So by now you must be thinking, "Hey. Uncle Presidente, the friendly dictator. Emphasis on 'uncle' now that your sister is totally preggers (congratulations again by the way). Isn't this blog called World Domination Weekly? So where ya hiding the domination at?" Well, yes, it's true. This blog was created in part to detail my exploits in global conquest so you can prepare yourself for when my world tour comes to your area to deliciously enslave you in my empire the Pretzel-Wagon way. But there's a reason why you haven't had any updates for awhile: things haven't been going the Osgood-way out there equator-conquering style.

For example, I was genetically engineering mollusks for the NASCAR circuit (as part of a conspiracy so complex I won't even begin to tell you why I was doing this) but one of my henchterns (intern henchman--I know, I know, what a cute word! My mom came up with it!) left them out in the sun destroying the whole batch and taking us back to formula. And don't even get me started on those fart-fueled neutrino jet packs. Gawd. Those things were like the biggest failure since Mussolini. Or all those Three's Company spin-offs. And then of course the world market will have to go without my patented invention of "bottled panther" since the rainforest pygmies have rebelled, raspberried, and utterly run me out of my South American operations on that one. It was crazy. They tied these sharpened rocks to the ends of wooden staffs in some primitive, makeshift devices they called "sbears" and threw them at me. Threw them at me! I had never seen anything like it! I went back after a month after the heat had died down but instead of calling me "Lord Pasty" they called me "Cowboy Ruth" and stole my pants. Granted, they were only Old Navy cargo pants left over from that carefree spring break I ran that cider mill (ran it off a cliff, actually, due to a staff made entirely out of lemmings during menstrual season. But hey, that's why pencils have erasers, right?), but needless to say, I WON'T be going back there again.

And Garrett, Eren, warm-up your hugging arms 'cause here comes new Aphrodite art!!!!!! Since I've posted so infrequently as of frequent, I'm putting up everyone's favorite monkey-wristed, woman-assed pseudo-duo Shade and Mr. Jangles; not to mention the ginchiest three-chested gerbil-legged projectile-vomiting blue supervillain Virgil Ruggiero; and head concepts for the evilly electrical chrome-guy Zip Oswald!

And don't blank everyone--swing by Booth 1032 and say "Hi there!" at Con! (And buy a Hard 8 book too!)

"All great and precious things are lonely." --John Steinbeck

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hey you. Yeah you. You're gonna buy this. You're gonna buy this because you appreciate comedy. And being one who appreciates comedy, you will want to own the best season of the best sitcom ever. So buy this. Stop reading this blog and buy it and watch it and love it. Every second you go without owning it is an incredulous insult to my Guadalupan heritage. If money came in loaves, you could slice your own dollar bills. Regardless, Newsradio Season 4. You can thank me in heaven, which is where you'll be while watching this DVD set. And you can't watch it until you buy it. So buy it already. I mean dammit.

And come February, I'll be an uncle. Still processing that one myself.....

"Someone needs to help you die the right way. And we both know that dying ain't something you ever done before." --Sherman Alexie

Friday, June 02, 2006

I know it. Betrayal. It's what you're thinking, isn't it oh cuddliest of readers? You've read this blog since nonsensical paragraph one and seen it plummet from daily updates to like three posts in the past two months. Your gullivers must be swirling with queries--Hey, Matt, where've ya been?; Hey, Osgood, what's up on the world domination front?; Yo, Skinny Boy, where else can I go to see mediocre art online and be lectured on what I should read and watch in modern-day pop culture?; Hey, Goober, where's the meat? Altho I will get into further lengths of my wily whereabouts in future, more frequent posts, the short answer to my online vanishings is shown above in the opening page of my Hard 8 story. Yes, my kindly kinders, I am one of THOSE bloggers you've seen around the community who hasn't been around as often as he was due to his shinload of work involved in the eye-assaulting anthology book Hard 8 (to be released at the San Diego Comic Con this summer!). The coloring is by the unconquerable Eren Blanquet, which brings me to the seminal subject of this post:

Every one in this world (soon to be overpowered by moy) deserves a friend like Eren Blanquet. Seriously, if my assetts weren't tied up in Aborigine bonds and Zurich accounts, I would spend every cent developing technology to clone Eren so that no man, woman, or child would ever go without a Blanquet buddy again. Again to make a long story not so long, my Hard 8 story ended up being A LOT of work, and when I type "A LOT of work," I mean "I HATE YOU TIME AND SLEEP JUST GET LEUKEMIA ALREADY THE BOTH OF YOU AND DIE!" That A LOT of work. Anydoogal-now-on-dvd-ewww, Eren agreed to to do the colors for my story before either of us knew the finger-breaking labor that would be required in completing it. But even after she learned of my daunting story, she stuck by me and not only completed her share of the work on time, but she bedazzled my drawings in her own colorful Blanquet beauty. I could not be happier with how my story has turned out and I can't owe it enuf to the swell-mell Erenthea! So, if you haven't already, go gawk at more of her wonderful work at And do it now snacky!!! And check out Hard 8 at the Prehensile Press booth this summer in SD! But do it then, not now, not like you could do it now, but trust me, do it then.

"If you can't appreciate, what you've got, you'd better get what you can appreciate."--G.B. Shaw